About Us

Dive head-first into Iberia's untamed west coast: grab your bags, hop in a unique campervan, hit the road — and be free!

At West Coast Campers, we're all about exploring nature and riding waves. We love every inch of the 3.313 kilometres of Iberian coastline, and we want you to discover the peninsula and connect with Mother Nature too. That's why we were Portugal’s first dedicated company to convert vans into cool and affordable campers that will get you and the ones you love anywhere in Portugal and Spain.
We are surfers wanting to share our active lifestyle with other likeminded travellers. As we grew bigger, a more diverse crowd—from young families to old friends—got interested in our vans. That’s because, no matter who we are and where we’re from, we all look to connect to our natural environment. That’s why our campervans are low-cost and accessible—so anyone can have their adventure!