Wild camping in Portugal

We often get asked whether you can or cannot practice wild camping in Portugal. This type of camping is generally permitted but there are restrictions on where you can park and camp overnight. If unsure, always ask the local tourism centre or police, so you don’t get fined!

It is important to understand the responsibilities of wild camping. Instant fines can be given out to campers who:

  • Camp overnight where there is a sign that designates ‘no campervan parking’;
  • Deposit waste while practising wild camping;
  • Doing fires/BBQ in non-designated areas and specially when inside a natural park;
  • Park in dunes or other protected environments designated by a special sign.

Since fines are issued to the campervan, West Coast Campers is allowed to recover wild camping infringement fines from the hirer’s credit card in the same way we can with traffic infringements.

Remember to respect mother nature and leave everything as you found it when you arrived to your campground/campsite. Pack all your garbage in plastic bags and bring them with you if there is no dump station nearby… please do not leave your garbage for others to pick up!

Wild camping guidelines

Recycle when/where possible.

Do not litter.

Only go to the toilet where there is a designated toilet or use the portable chemical toilet.

Only dump water at designated dump stations

Only shower in designated showers or use the solar shower

In in doubt... always check with a local!


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