We offer the best campervan hire for your holidays

Our campervans are the vehicle to your wave-filled holidays. Built for adventure and a comfortable experience on the road, we optimised six models to fit your specific needs.

Travel up to 5 passengers

Choose between campervans with up to 5 seats with safety belts.

Sleep up to 4 adults + 1 children

Or you can rent a tent and get more space and privacy.

Versatility & Economy

Very easy to drive and fuel efficient campervans.

Unlimited Kms

Choose your destination without worrying about distances.

Competitive price

Best value in the market

Modern fleet

With 24H roadside assistance.

No hidden costs

Transparent commercial policy.

Big storage space

Bags, boards, etc ...

Chose your campervan


Dawn Patrol

It’s said the early bird catches the worms. Likewise, the first surfer in the water catches many epic waves. Being as compact and easy to drive as the Charger, the Dawn Patrol gets you there before anyone else.

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Hang Five

Searching the west coast for perfect peelers in a campervan is most fun with all of your best mates. That’s why our Hang Five has space for 5 travellers.  

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The Urban is our elegant solution for those who love to travel in pairs. Both compact and subtle, this premium two-person campervan blends with city traffic easily. As a matter of fact, you won’t even take it for a campervan from the outside!

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Whether you're charging big waves, or planning an extended road trip, the Explorer is your best bet. Our huge two-person Explorer fits your big-wave board, all your gear, and much more.

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Cruising the coast in a campervan is about being laid back and throwing a shaka-sign to those you meet along the road and in the water. Our spacious Shaka gets you in that exact vibe.

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Customize your campervan rental experience

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