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Adventure awaits at the western edge of the European continent, because Portugal’s coastline is littered with impressive cliffs, idyllic beaches, and magnificent waves. From the history and culture, to the cuisine and the landscape, this is Europe at its most exotic. Much of the country has been formed by the ocean, and specifically the powerful Atlantic, and that’s exactly why we can’t get enough of exploring Portugal.



Our favourite spots



In this small surfing village you’ll catch more than just fish; here, you’ll catch some of the best surf in your life. Perched atop the cliffs, Ericeira is the perfect vantage point for watching corduroy lines roll onto reef break after reef break.

Add a few good sand bottoms, and the town’s central location (being close to the waves of Estoril and Sintra) in the mix, and you’ve got yourself an oceanic paradise.


Algarve Portugal

The westernmost coastlines of Portugal are its most exotic.The Algarve is full of hidden gems; coves and bays that shelter barreling waves over exposed reefs. Just around Sagres you’ll find at least 4 great waves.

The Algarve has both a west and east coast, with the latter being sheltered from the heaviest Atlantic swells and, instead, profiting from them with perfect point breaks.


You can’t not love Portugal’s most popular surf spot. The country’s largest fishing port is basically a huge swell magnet, as it’s bay is shaped to pick up almost every swell the Atlantic hurls towards the Portuguese coasts.

The surf in Peniche is super consistent, and the waves get super heavy; Supertubos, Portugal’s most famous barrel, is the perfect example of Peniche power.



Wave highlights


Peniche Portugal Onda
Supertubos, Peniche

A perfectly barreling beach break, super heavy Supertubos will humble any experienced surfer. 


Ericeira Portugal
Coxos, Ericeira

Quite possibly Portugal's best reef break and barrel. Unless you like it extra gnarly; in that case, try nearby Cave. 

Portugal Onda

The world's biggest wave breaks over a rare deep-water canyon pointing to this once-sleepy fishing town. 


A morning on the Portuguese coast
Cliffs and dunes in Porto Covo, Portugal
A lighthouse stands tall on a cliff in Portugal
A Portuguese beach with waves
Waves breaking on the Portuguese coast
The barrelling wave Supertubos in Peniche, Portugal

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