Hire your campervan in Madrid

Madrid is only the beginning; here's all you need to know about the city and its surroundings



The mountains

Sure, Madrid has no waves or coastline -- but have you seen those gorgeous mountainscapes surrounding the capital of Spain? From breathing crisp air while hiking in autumn, through skiing in winter, to swimming in lakes in summer, the Sierras around Madrid are the perfect escape for those with a green heart and a taste for adventure.

The National Park Sierra de Guadarrama, with lush pine forests along the mountain range, is great for hikes. In winter, Navacerrada offers slopes for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. From the Guadarrama range flows the Alberche River, with riverside beaches and pristine lakes (the San Juan Reservoir!) perfect for a summer escape!



Guadarrama Madrid Spain



The city

Madrid is a stately capital, with elegant streets lined with extravagant white apartments, colourful city blocks, and spacious promenades. The city is very artsy, too. For centuries, Spanish royals gathered artworks from the great Spanish painters and everywhere in Europe. But the city isn’t just elegance and art; it’s also buzzing with the upbeat tempo of a true metropolis.

Nights in the capital are the stuff of legends. There’s a party going somewhere every day of the week, and bars, of which Madrid has plenty, are always packed. Make sure to catch an afternoon siesta, as Madrid revs up her engines at night!


The plains around Madrid with a cow and mountains
The skyline of Madrid with a mountain range in the background
A snow-capped mountain peak near Madrid
Green forests, a river, and hills near Madrid
A waterfall in the Madrid province
White apartment buildings in Madrid on a sunny day

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