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Malaga is only the beginning; here's all you need to know about the city and its surroundings



The coast

The Costa del Sol is a narrow coastal strip of Andalusian paradise. The Sunshine Coast stretches from Málaga in the east to San Diego (the original) in the west, and sits between impressive mountain ranges and the Mediterranean Sea. The Costa del Sol is a much-loved holiday destination for sunny weather, calm seas, and former-fisherman towns. But while tourism has been booming here since the sixties, the Costa del Sol still has enough authentic spots for anyone willing to go off the beaten path.

On a coastal paradise of secluded little beaches and jetset marinas, beautiful beaches are never far away. Playa el Cañuelo is the Costa del Sol’s is a hot contender for most idyllic cove of Andalusia, with crystal-clear water showing an abundance of fish. It makes Cañuelo great for snorkelling! Surrounded by rocky cliffs, the beaches around Balcon de Europa in Nerja are gorgeous too.



Málaga Espanha



The waves

The Mediterranean Sea isn’t particularly famous for producing waves, although it does get some solid waves under the right conditions. The Alboran Sea, right after the Strait of Gibraltar, is a calm strip of Mediterranean waters that doesn’t generate much swell. But, occasionally, the Costa del Sol does get waves, mostly after big storms, after which you’ll find waves -- and surfers in the water.


The breaks

When the conditions are right, Carihuela and Fuengirola are the places to be. The best spot for surfing, however, is Tarifa, which is technically not the Costa del Sol, but at a two-hour drive from Málaga, worth the trip for solid waves. Why is Tarifa any better? Because it sits on the left side of the Strait of Gibraltar, and does get swell from the Atlantic!

The wind

Tarifa is especially loved among kite- and windsurfers, with strong winds sweeping along its 10km-long bay. May - October is the best time for wind, but even the off-season sees a lot of rideable days!

The crosswind from the right, the Pontiente, is the dominant wind and epic for kitesurfing. The Pontiente blows regularly, even outside of the summer season, and is a steady wind that picks up in the afternoon. The Levante is the warm, gusty eastern wind coming from Africa. It blows mostly off-shore and can speed up to 50 knots! Windsurfers thrive better when the Levante blows, although expert kitesurfers get a real kick out of the Levante. Added bonus of being a crazy offshore: the Levante flattens the water surface!



Espanha onda costa



The city

The Andalusian port city Málaga is a class on its own. It’s rich history and architecture speak of the Moors and Romans, while it’s rooftop terraces and quirky museums give the city a metropolitan feel. Those museums aren’t your average museums either. How about the Picasso Museum, and a branch of Centre Pompidou?

You’ll see that mix of old and new in Málaga’s historic centre, where traditional bars and hip cocktail bars sit side by side, and church spires compete for attention with sleek apartment buildings. Málaga is a dynamic city that knows how to add flair to its historic grandeur!


A bridge above a gorge in the Malaga region
The beach of Malaga on a sunny day
Iconic hotel in Nerja on the Alicante coat near Malaga
A city atop a cliff in Alicante
The gardens of the castle of Malaga
A white village on a hill in the Alicante mountains

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