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Enter an exotic realm of Europe; where mountains, deserts, and lush lands rule the interior; where the Atlantic has rugged coasts meeting jagged cliffs; and where the Mediterranean shelters idyllic coves and beach town boulevards. Hunt waves on both sides of the European continent -- with at the Atlantic side a consistent barrage of powerful waves, and the Mediterranean side offering surprisingly good waves under the right conditions.



Our favourite spots


Euskadi Espanha

Fiercely pumping Atlantic swell and an intimidating coastline make Bizkaia (Biscay) the gnarliest province of  surf-rich Euskadi (Basque Country). From Bilbao, it only takes a journey up the rivermouth to find world-class waves meant for real chargers only

If you count yourself a charger, then Mundaka and Meñakoz are two huge reasons to hit this piece of coastline.


Espanha Costa Galicia

The most exposed part of Spain is lushly forested, covered in mist, and filled with uncrowded waves. Galicia has Europe’s largest swell window, and its jagged coastline make for hundreds of secluded beaches with waves for all kinds of surfers.

Galician breaks produce superb surf under the right conditions, it’s just a matter of finding the right wave for the right swell!

Espanha Andalucia costa da luz

The Andalucián coast is fiercest where it meets the Atlantic. The Costa de la Luz is the western strip of Spanish shoreline below Portugal, and Cádiz Province is angled perfectly for reeling in swell. The City of Cádiz is a magnificent ancient port, and it doesn’t draw much tourism. Score!

The southern tip of Provinz Cádiz, Tarifa, is known for one thing especially: wind! Kitesurfers know this already, as it’s the kite- and windsurf capital of the world!



Wave highlights


Onda Espanha
Mundaka, Bizkaia

This fast and hollow left-hand barrel is hands-down the world's best rivermouth wave. Get pitted, all you goofy-footers!


Andalusia Espanha Costa da Luz
El Palmar, Cádiz

The Atlantic hurricane season turns the otherwise-fun peaks of El Palmar into big, powerful, perfect barrels.  

Onda Espanha
Roka Puta, Zarautz

Translating into 'Whore's Rock', this massive and powerful deep-water wave will leave you battered and feeling defiled. 


A good view of the Spanish coastline
A wave during sunset on the Basque coast of Spain
A surfer during sunset on the Basque coast of Spain
Gaztelugatxe Island on  the Basque coast of Spain
Famous rock and landmark in Alicante, Spain
A mountain road somewhere in Spain

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