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Lisbon is only the beginning; here's all you need to know about the city and its surroundings



The coast

From the Tejo Rivermouth, along the Estoril Coast, all the way to past Cascais, Lisbon’s impressive coastline is a gradual change from urban beaches to breathtaking cliffs and mountains. The most populous area of Portugal has enough beaches for everyone, and most of them are only a short drive away from the city centre. A bit further, the dramatic cliffs between Cascais and Sintra will make you forget you’re only minutes away from city life.

The most impressive stretch of coast is Cabo da Roca, Europe’s westernmost extent of land. The cape is a gigantic granite cliff of 144m high, with a lighthouse perched on top. In contrast, the Estoril Coast is littered with cool urban beaches where the Lisbonites enjoy their weekends and work on their summer tan. Not bad either, we’d say!



cabo da roca sintra lisbon portugal



The waves

It’s hard to find cities, let alone capitals, that have world-class waves right along its coastline. Lisbon is one of the few rare exceptions to have a powerful mix of urban suave and world-class waves. The Estoril Coast faces southwards, and so is pretty much flat throughout July and August. When the swell starts pumping, though, there’s waves all along the shores between Lisbon and Cascais. The west-facing coast between Cascais and Sintra receives open-ocean swell, and so works throughout summer!


The breaks

Carcavelos, Lisbon’s biggest urban beach, has also it’s most epic waves. The fast and heavy barrels that roll in during big swells are only second to Supertubos. São Pedro do Estoril offers two great waves in its bay. At the right edge, it features a slow, long right point break (Bico) preferred by longboarders, and in the middle a more powerful but shorter wave breaking over exposed reef (Bafureira). On the west-facing coast, head over to Guincho. This (very) powerful beach break produces great waves on big days and is good for beginners during summers.

The wind

Kitesurfers and windsurfers love Guincho, as the surrounding mountains funnel a lot of wind in its direction. As a matter of fact, Guincho is a world-renowned kitesurf beach for that reason! July and August get the most wind activity, but spring and fall get super windy here too. 



Barrel wave in Carcavelos Estoril LIsbon Portugal



The city

With a picturesque Old Town and a trendsetting nightlife, there’s something to enjoy for everyone here. The City of Seven Hills has beautiful vistas from vantage points all over the cities, ranging from hip rooftop bars to ancient castles.

The Bairro Alto, Alfama, and Mouraria are the most scenic neighbourhoods of Lisbon and very much worth a visit. Belém is the place to go to for daring museums and the famous Pastel de Belém. At night, roam around Cais do Sodré’s Pink Street for drinks among the young and restless. If you count yourself as a nocturnal animal, stick around until sunrise and join a spontaneous afterparty, because Lisbon is hot and happening!


Famous Bridge of Lisbon crossing the Tejo River to Costa da Caparica
Waves of Costa da Caparica with Lisbon in the background
A view of Praia do Guincho with waves during dusk
The old Bica neighborhood of LIsbon
Golden hour on the beach of Carcavelos with surfers
The famous cliffs near Cascais

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